Web Services and Technologies

Client-Side Development

Websites can be much more than a poster advertising services.  To further enrich the user experience, good client side development produces a seamless, interactive, rich, yet easy to use environment in which to browse the web.  An overview of our browser development:

  • Table-free, CSS layouts
  • Standards-based, semantic HTML
  • JavaScript, with jQuery, for interactive sites
  • jQuery plugin development for reusable toolsets
  • Media integration for rich user experience

Server Programming and Database Design

Because most of the time of building a website is spent in the development phase, Wayfarer is a development-driven enterprise. We specialize in non-Microsoft platforms, and support a wide range of technologies:

  • PHP for dynamic, programmed web applications
  • MySQL for database systems
  • Content managing admin tool for easy to manage web content
  • Encryption and other site security for a safer web

Content Management System

Wayfarer uses its own lightweight Content Management System and PHP framework in which to develop websites and applications.  This tool allows even the most average of users to edit and create content in a unique and powerful way: by editing directly in the browser, without having to leave to a third-party application, or even to a seperate administration page.  Everyone who sees this tool seems to fall in love with it.

This very website is managed with it.  This means I am able to browse through this site, open the various panels just as if I was a regular user, click, edit the content, preview, then save it.  This is good for me when I am writing any content for the site, as I can get the immediate impression of what effect it will have on the user.  This makes for better content and a better user experience.

Installation of the management tool is cost and time effective.  It can be used as a framework for small sites or for large, user heavy web applications.  The core of the tool is site security, which protects your user base and other sensitive information.

Search Engine Optimization

We hope that if we educate people who own websites, not only will they avoid making costly mistakes, but they will also improve their content, improving the end-user experience for everyone.

I long held the belief that SEO was “shady”. There is a common conception of it as a necessary “evil”. I now believe that nothing could be farther from the truth. Although there are systems that attempt to cheat the system, I find that these attempts either ruin the user experience, resulting in poor sales conversion, or risk punishment from the search engines, namely Google. If I really wanted to, I could demonstrate a hundred different ways to hide content on a page, and none of it would be worth it if you want to be spending your money rightly.


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