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About Wayfarer

Abel Mohler

Hello, my name is Abel Mohler, and I created Wayfarer to address a real need on the web today:

The web today is moving rapidly from a static web, to a dynamic web.  As the web becomes more powerful and interactive, it becomes increasingly unmanagable.  For example, many sites today rely heavily on Flash, for things that Flash is not really needed in order to do. Flash is nice, but it has several downsides, in that the images it creates are not a natural part of the document, can't be seen easily by search-engines, and can be difficult to integrate with a database, which means it is hard for the average administrator to manage easily.

Wayfarer's key front-end technology is focused on JavaScript instead of Flash.  JavaScript is adept at manipulating regular HTML elements, and if used properly, its content is visible by search-engines, and is easily managed from a database.

Wayfarer websites are very user friendly, interactive, and manageable.

Wayfarer is namely me. As a full time freelancer, I also work with many people, from the US, and the world. Wayfarer is a freelance driven enterprise. This is a huge advantage, because we have a presence, flexibility, and lack of overhead that most brick-and-mortar, office-based web design services will never be able to offer. I personally am involved with every project, and also have a pool of freelancers with immense talent to draw on.

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